10k Series Results

Our 10k results headlines can be found below. The full results have been sent out to all participants via email. If you haven’t received yours, please do let us know! The following points have been awarded towards the series – with the best 3 out of 4 results being counted towards the series total.

10k Points Table: female at the top, male at the bottom.

2019 Summer 10k Series Points
First name Last name Class 23-Apr 28-May 25-Jun 09-Jul Series
Jillian Boys F 10 6 8 10 28
Donna Fiddeman F 10 10 20
Julie-Anne Moors F 8 8
Cheryl Boswell F 8 8
Jill Blow F 4 4
Jade Duncan F 2 2
Clarke Midgley M 10 10 10 10 30
Graham Boswell M 8 8 16
Joshua Midgley M 6 8 14
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